WIP Wednesday

It’s probably appropriate to kick off my first WIP Wednesday with a bit of a spiel. The projects I intend to write about here are small scale, but I hope that one day they will feed into my bigger goals of becoming the best version of myself and contributing to the world in a positive way.

Although these projects may seem like small potatoes to some, we all have to start somewhere, and this is my start (or at least, somewhere near the start!).

These are some of the things I am working on, and how I am progressing…


I started learning a new song last night, Maroon 5’s “She will be loved”. I haven’t been able to get the extra guitar practice in lately, and I’ve been just itching for a decent sized session, and last night I finally got it. I’ve noticed in the last couple weeks that my fingers hurt much, much less than they did which can only be a good thing.

My voice however is sounding about 50%, largely I think because I’ve let myself get too dehydrated with the raging heat we’ve been having. Something I have to keep reminding myself about! Anyone got any tips for not forgetting to drink?!

I haven’t written any lyrics that I’ve loved in a while, and probably I need to try a few new exercises and see what I come up with.


I have my fabric marked up and am just about ready to roll with my latest dress experiment. I have also ordered a bunch of different spikes and things to give it the edge that I’m after, but I’m still waiting on most of it to arrive. I might have to start some new wee projects in the meantime to keep me ticking…


Yoga & Meditation

I am definitely getting more flexible, but I was incredibly tight to begin with (particularly in my legs), so there is still a long way to go! I’ve also been thinking I want to add more meditation time to the end of my sessions where I have spare time. I’m hoping this will help me stay more centred and focus my attention! Time will tell..


I recently finished Bethenny Frankel’s audiobook “A Place of Yes” which I learned so much from, and will go back and re-listen to at some stage. I’m also meant to be chipping away at a course on animal care provided through my volunteer job, but have been having issues accessing the online modules which has been frustrating!

All good now though, just yesterday I managed to get it sorted with an IT guru, just in time to smash it all out and submit it before the 15th December… Never fear though, the deep end and I are well acquainted.

As well as learning for my personal development, I like to get lost in a bit of fiction, particularly when I need to get to sleep but my brain is racing, and have just finished the Shadowhunters series by Cassandra Clare, and am about to pick up a much older novel lent to me by a colleague.

I’m curious to know what everyone else is working on? Any books I should be adding to my reading list?

Have a fantastic day as always!






Day 90: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 90. The Big Day! Which I spent doing none other than working from sun-up til sun-down again (although thankfully not as late as the day before!).

So what did I learn? Largely, that if you decide do anything for 90 days straight, as mad as you thought it was at the beginning, by the end of it it will feel like the norm.

This challenge has forced me to be creative, it has forced me to push myself to do things when I definitely did not want to do them, and I have learned a lot about myself.

I feel like if you give something your all, you can wholeheartedly say what worked and what didn’t work. Since a lot of my problems with decision making over the years have stemmed from a lack of experience and confidence (stemming from a lack of experience or experienced people to ask), that giving it my all was a really good thing for having confidence in my decisions.

It has also been incredibly good for my anxiety. A large chunk of my issues with anxiety stem from the overthinking that inevitably comes from this lack of confidence, as I try to figure out if I’m making the right decision. With deciding to give it my all for 90 days, I just had to keep doing it one day at a time until it was up, then I could worry about if it was the wrong decision!

There is an upside and a downside to focusing on one day at a time though. On one hand, it was easy to dwell on a bad day, but on the other, it forced me to be in the moment more, and enjoy the little things.

Some days it felt like 90 days was a long time, other times it felt like it would be over in the blink of an eye, but I made it.

What an achievement though. Proud of myself just quietly 🙂

Time to re-assess, re-focus, and settle in for the next instalment of this crazy life!



Day 88: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


The weather has frankly, been amazing this past week, and yesterday was no exception. So combine the gorgeous weather with a live band playing in the sunshine on this particular gorgeous Friday afternoon outside my office, and you can imagine I had to dig deep for the motivation to stay inside and work!

I’m also working some very big hours this weekend, so that left my Friday night to get anything I wanted done around the house out of the way. That meant yard work, packing and labelling a bunch of old things that I recently sold online to ship, and all house chores and actually making sure I have clean clothes to wear for the next week!

Needless to say my pizza tasted pretty delicious when it arrived for dinner…

I hope you’re having an amazing day, and feeling motivated to smash your goals today!



Day 86: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I had hoped to be in better physical shape by now, especially with summer looming here in NZ, and my trip to Las Vegas to attend 10X Growth Con in February! So here comes the extra cardio… but where to squeeze it in?

Last night I managed to squeeze it in by watching a movie with my partner, largely from my spin bike, and the rest while doing a couple of last minute bits before bed.

Gotta make it work!

I hope you’re having a fantastic and productive day today!


Day 82: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I’m working all day today, so yesterday (Day 82) was the only day available to get all my “weekend stuff” done. All my errands, meal prep for the week, etc. all had to be done yesterday on top of a volunteer shift, and cramming as much of my daily goals in as possible.

It was busy, tiring, and satisfying!

I hope you’re making the most of your weekend!



Day 78: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 78 was as standard as it gets for me, getting everything done on my to-do list and tackling other ideas that I’ve been chewing on for a while. One thing that I’ve noticed during this challenge, is that the daily routine that I set myself in order to tackle my goals everyday, used to seem so much harder to achieve.

Now I find myself more and more often with spare time left to try new ideas, as well as cramming more of the actual task I have set myself into the same time slot (like getting through more songs in guitar practice!). It definitely helps with the motivation to keep getting up at the witching hour and cram as much of my day in as possible!

I hope you have a fantastic and successful day today!




Day 77: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I’ve been pushing my body a little harder in yoga and yesterday it felt like it all caught up with me. My body ached all over, but it will be worth it! There’s something very satisfying about the post-workout ache, don’t you think?

I also started creating a new dress to flex my creative muscles, and started dreaming up a million other ideas as I wandered around a sewing supplies store… a danger zone for my saving plans when there’s a sale on…

I hope you’re having a satisfying and successful day today!