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I was taught from a young age that having big dreams was pointless, and for much of my life I believed it. Several years ago, I decided I was fed up with the status quo, and that I would do something (ANYTHING!), to find my life purpose, and start living the way that made my heart sing.

Since then I completed my undergraduate degree in science while working fulltime and my city crumbling around me during earthquakes. I embraced my creative and alternative side, and decided that what makes me different from many of my colleagues, is part of what allows me to be the best version of myself. My love of music and creative arts provides an outlet for me, and helps me stay my bubbliest, most energetic self!

I’m completely COMMITTED to motivating others to chase their dreams, and use their unique gifts to change the world for the better, no matter what their background is, or what stage of life they are in.

Blog posts, research, You Tube videos, responding to social media, website creation and maintenance, travel, and THE REST… it all costs money and time (which is also money).

If you’re a brand committed to similar things, as well as getting some advertising for your brand, then I want to promote you! Let’s rise up and change the world TOGETHER!

I’m especially interested in brands associated with education, personal development, empowerment, science, health, fitness, music, and fashion (the more creative and alternative the better!).

If you have any ideas or queries I’d love to hear from you! You can send me a quick message by clicking on this link, which will direct you to my contact page. I will respond ASAP!

If you want to support me, but don’t necessarily have the funds then no worries! I appreciate all the love and support, no matter what. Tell your friends, leave a comment, or better yet go smash your goals and then tell me all about it!

Stay motivated,




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