Day 72: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


I’ve always felt like I needed to split any of my spare time between further educating myself for the science career that I studied for, and exploring my creative side. When I was younger, I created a lot of my clothes from scratch, or turned second-hand clothes into something new. I was also learning music, lost myself in hundreds of books, and I loved to sing (on my own! haha). I felt like I had to pick a path for my future, and after struggling with it for years, eventually decided that science was what I was going to go for, but the struggle continued.

Every time I find myself with a spare few minutes, it has been an internal struggle, so after sleeping on it, and since I’ve spent the last few years studying and trying to work in the sciences, I woke up on Day 71 happy with my decision to spend a year giving my creative side free reign. I’m soo excited! This will also the weight out of my decisions when I’m working on my goals, because I know now that I will be focusing on the creative ones, and coming back to the others later.

I’m excited to look back on this post in a year’s time and see where I got to!

I hope your smashing your goals!








Day 71: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 71 was pretty standard other than staying up later to finish editing a vlog and get it uploaded! I really need to fine-tune the process so it doesn’t take soo long, because I don’t want to spend every night staying up late to edit, making it even harder to get up at 3am and start the next day!… Something else to work on…

I hope you’re having a fantastic and productive day today!



Day 70: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


OH MY GOD time is really flying now! Day 70 was a really busy day at work, and I recorded the first vlog that I decided would be uploaded no matter what! Many days look like this so I don’t really see the point in uploading every day, but I will RECORD every day! It’s one way of tracking my progress, motivation, and keeping myself accountable!

Go out and smash those dreams!




Day 69: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 69 happened to be a Sunday, and because I was working all day Saturday, that meant I had a million “life admin” things to do! That’s OK though, it was a nice day to be running around outside doing physical labour and of course, satisfying when I got to the end of the day, and my Sunday night ritual with my partner, to wind down and have a quiet night before another busy week… takeaways and Netflix.

I hope you have a successful and rewarding day today!




Day 68: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado


Day 68 was packed absolutely solid. I was at my volunteer job at 8am, then it was straight to my weekend job until 8pm. Of course this left little time for anything else so that meant getting everything else done when I got home, but i definitely went to bed satisfied!

I hope you’ve done all you can to achieve your goals today!




Day 67: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Leading on from my epiphany the day before, my self-development and overall learning has started to naturally broaden, and I am starting to focus less on things specifically tied to my career development or future goals. 

I have have decided to let my learning happen more organically, rather than forcing myself to learn about everything down a particular path, when perhaps the path I’d be most happy runs somewhere off to the side. The kind of path which is rarely used, and found only by feeling around for the rocks that used to show the way.

Queue entry of my sewing back into my life… 

Although most of the people that will remember this aren’t really around anymore, I used to sew A LOT of my clothes in high school.

I’ve never actually known how to sew or construct clothes properly, so it was probably lucky that my style back then was some sort of fusion between bubblegum goth and punk rock! In actual fact, it was the very reason I did it. I didn’t want to wear the clothes in the shops, I wanted something different.

To a certain extent I am still this way. Unless im grinding away at home,  I like wearing nice, chic, clothes and shoes, but I still like to have that alternative edge. It’s not often I find something that ticks both of these boxes. 

So what the hell, out somes the sewing machine… All in. Day 67 also brought the addition of a few new sewing supplies including a dressmaking mannequin, which is already more than I used to manage with! And now that we can actually just type any problem we have into the nearest laptop or smartphone and get a range of solutions or ideas back, well… There’s no excuses not to be able to wear exactly what I want now is there?! 

I hope you’re having a motivating, invigorating, crazy, fantastic, successful day today!


Day 66: 90 Day Commitment Challenge with Danelle Delgado

Day 66 was definitely a full one with me sleeping in, work at both jobs and trying to vlog throughout the day. 

I have no idea how I managed to sleep in since I have two alarms so that I don’t just turn it off then go back to sleep, but I dont remember either of them? Maybe I really needed the sleep… 

I’m not sure that the vlog will be all that interesting to watch as I haven’t edited and uploaded yet, but it was a chocka day of working, and since I can’t film at work, ill have to see how it looks and make a call!

I hope you’re out there smashing it!